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Michael Jackson: The picture that says it all

It's not like how I dreamt it would be.....

I stumbled onto this picture of Michael Jackson on Ledisi's blog the other day. For me it conveys a lot of what we outsiders saw in him.

  • The boy dressed in his Peter Pan fantasy outfit. Seemingly shutting out reality.
  • The boy we knew, who now has a freaky, whitened face. Still recognisably him.
  • The sad look on his boyhood face.
  • The half-smile, half-sad adult face.

I'm posting this as it captures the essence of what I try to say on this blog. Whatever you do, business, music, politics and most importantly in life, pay attention to the reality of the situation. Too often we think and dream of something and when it's time to do it, reality bites us in the ass.

I believe Michael Jackson was Stunted by Reality. What does the picture say to you?