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Blair confirms his status as world’s dumbest smart man

How to win wars and alienate citizens.

I didn’t want America to feel like they had to do it by themselves“, the words of Tony Blair as part of his testimony to The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

Duh, if someone’s going to do something bad you’re supposed to stop them! Not fall behind a dumb plan, conceived by a dumb President, to convince a great country that he is looking after their interests!

Whilst Mr Blair didn’t really get flustered during what was supposed to be his day of reckoning, much of his reasoning leaves a lot to be desired. The thought processes are lacking substance in a lot of the issues he spoke about. Given he is such an intelligent man. The only good thing I took away from his testimony is that he didn’t apologise and has no regrets. I really dislike people who say sorry after the fact and the un-reversible deed has already been done. If nothing else at least he didn’t stoop that low.

In the meantime George W. Bush can rest easy knowing that he has once again pwn3d Mr Blair! It’d be funny if it wasn’t so serious.