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Obama to seek Bush advice for Egypt crisis

There once was a time when we all thought that Barack Obama was the luckiest man alive, however nowadays you'd have to say that not even the turn-meister Nick Clegg would swap places with Mr Obama.

Such is his luck that barely had he got a bounce in approval ratings following his handling of the Tucson shooting and his delivery in the State of The Union, than the Egyptian citizens came and spoiled it all. Obama and the US' policy towards Egypt and their autocratic President of 30 years has been a case of "better the devil you know". Like all such relationships it has only been comfortable when both parties have a weapon at hand.

However that strategy has been coming in for much criticism over the past few days, with Mr Obama and Hilary Clinton not quite calling for Hosni Mubarak to stand down  but to deliver more freedom, refrain from violence and other ambigious statements somewhat supporting the Egyptian Man On The Street.

The funny thing is that people are lining up to criticize Obama for not using stronger words and action meanwhile forgetting that only 2 years ago there was such a forthright American President who most of them absolutely detested by the end of his tenure. Make no mistake George W. Bush always liked to call a spade a spade, even going so far as to call a diamond a spade; just to uphold his straight-talking reputation. Had he been in power now, it's fair to conclude based on past outrage that we would all be in uproar at Bush's means and methods of exporting democracy.

It's a tough job being a leader, but one thing I think is better in this situation is for those in power to be realistic and wait to see which way the chips are going to fall. At this moment though severely weakened and discredited Mubarak may well hang-on. On the other hand the people could manage to overthrow Mubarak and where would a President who has been in support of him stand then?

It's totally understandable Mr Obama being cagey on this one. Or as it was called before Wikileaks, appearing to be diplomatic. Even a guy on the prowl for loose pickings in a pub at closing time knows not to put all his chips on one lass. Things are never as black and white as George W. Bush always had us believe. Remember the good vs evil BS he spouted for so long he was beginning to sound more like an arch-angel than a President?

In my book it's better to be a realist than an idealist; especially when the stakes are so high.

Karl Rove's biggest challenge was to present Mr Bush as a 'realistic idealist'.


Blair confirms his status as world’s dumbest smart man

How to win wars and alienate citizens.

I didn’t want America to feel like they had to do it by themselves“, the words of Tony Blair as part of his testimony to The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War.

Duh, if someone’s going to do something bad you’re supposed to stop them! Not fall behind a dumb plan, conceived by a dumb President, to convince a great country that he is looking after their interests!

Whilst Mr Blair didn’t really get flustered during what was supposed to be his day of reckoning, much of his reasoning leaves a lot to be desired. The thought processes are lacking substance in a lot of the issues he spoke about. Given he is such an intelligent man. The only good thing I took away from his testimony is that he didn’t apologise and has no regrets. I really dislike people who say sorry after the fact and the un-reversible deed has already been done. If nothing else at least he didn’t stoop that low.

In the meantime George W. Bush can rest easy knowing that he has once again pwn3d Mr Blair! It’d be funny if it wasn’t so serious.