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Chiddy Bang mixtape; Peanut Butter and Swelly free download

Swelly no doubt! Chiddy Bang are working hard. Good thing they're putting out good music instead of polluting the airwaves with meaningless tat.

It's a similar kind of sound to their previous stuff, however the beats (by Xaphoon) have moved on a bit. Showing a little more pop-synth-electro influence and some video game sounds; all used to good effect . Chiddy's lyrics are still tight and tinged with a bit more swearing than he's managed on all their material to date. I'm not sure why, but maybe he's just been inducted into the Ghostface Killah school of Wordsmiths. It doesn't detract from the songs, however this is one record my 5 year old son probably won't be listening to. He loves it when I play their old stuff.

Guiness flow is my early favorite, a sort of club banger that sounds like it was produced by The Neptunes at the height of their powers. The Whistle song is another good song and it's produced in the old-school way. Overall this is a really good mixtape, perfect for the car, the barbecue and just in time for the summer. Enjoy!

Click on the link to download the album;

Click on the link to listen or download sample tracks:

02 The Whistle Song

06 Guinness Flow


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Music I’m feeling this week; Chiddy Bang

Last week I heard a cover of MGMT’s Kids being played on BBC Radio 1 and I made a mental note to look up the people behind it. Radio 1 being who they are, never actually said who sang the song so I did that thing where you search based on lyrics. Wasn’t too good because the song is a bit underground, but I got there in the end. Anyway the song is called ‘The Opposite of Adults’ and it reworks Kids in a good way that you can sort of recognise who they sampled whilst coming up with a totally new song.

Kids (Feat. MGMT) by Chiddy Bang

I liked the song so much I dug into it and found out that it’s by a group called Chiddy Bang made up of Chidera Anamege, Noah Beresin, drummer Zach Sewell and Xaphoon Jones. These guys are first year students from Philly who have decided to put out some free mixtapes and get the word out.

There’s nothing new in that of course, and in this case these guys have some real talent to make it worth your while downloading their stuff if you like Hip-Hop. The Swelly Express is the resulting mixtape which takes you on their journey to get signed up, though the songs are not as narrow as the theme suggests. The lyrics delivered by Chidera are good and the beats are tight and produced by Xaphoon. All this without any mention of the N-Word in sight. Get Up In The Morning contains a sample of Desmond Dekker’s The Israelites to good effect and the album flows well with Fresh Like Us, Truth, Dream Chasin’ and the Wu-Tang-like Decline being my highlights. The album is tinged with a pop-like, electronic feel that makes it easy to listen to when combined with the fact that the songs are not too long. All Things Go closes off the album on a high and it’s one of those songs with a catchy hook that’ll reverberate in your head long after that.

Nowadays there’s so much free music out there that you can actually get mad at artists who pimp their stuff and it turns out not to be good! Sometimes I get mad if I take the time out to watch a YouTube video that turns out to be whack. I believe time is the new currency in the music industry and I didn’t mind paying these guys some attention.

However the one reason I think these guys are going to make it is their names. Chidera Anamege, don’t know what it means but (I assume its West African) I like it. Xaphoon Jones. Wow! Sounds like those Black-American made up names like LaDainian, but waaayyyyy cooler. On a white guy with the beats to match, that’s a cool name by any measure.

Download the album here if you like Hip-Hop / Electronic music.

Play Fresh Like Us below and give it at least 30 seconds to get into.

(UNRELEASED) by Chiddy Bang