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War is so last century

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Colonel Gaddafi died today and I am mourning.

I don't mourn for Gaddafi. I mourn for my brothers who are deceived by the self serving leaders of countries that have failed time and again to peacefully resolve conflicts. Even those conflicts which have nothing to do with them.

This however has never stopped our hypocrites giving out peace prizes nor has it stopped their cohorts accepting them; all whilst draped in the cloak of democracy.

Eleven years in and the 21st century is already littered with wars. Some people think we have fewer dictators alive today, but we'll only know that for sure in twenty years time! After all how can society ever be truly democratic when the powers that be continually show us that the best way to get power and keep it is to fight for it?

Fight dirty. And enjoy it while it lasts. That advice applies as much to Robert Mugabe as it does to Barack Obama or David Cameron.

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What Spiderman’s uncle could teach Obama about leadership.

"The time for our leadership is now. Even as more nations take on the responsibilities of global leadership, our alliance will remain indispensable to the goal of a world that is more peaceful, more prosperous and more just." The words of Barack Obama on his state visit to the United Kingdom.

Correct me if I'm wrong but in that quote is President Obama effectively saying that only Britain and America can lead the world? If not us then who, kind of thing?

Well I'm going to clarify something for Mr Obama. I don't believe that people are necessarily mad that we're stuck with these two countries as leaders, we're more mad about them being hypocritical, blinkered and only out to serve their own interests without a hint of fairness. These are flaws that are fairly common, however you wouldn't expect someone who cries out to be a global leader to be like that. China and Russia might probably produce worse global leaders, however you don't see them trying to throw their weight around politically in an effort to be in involved with each and everything outside of their regions.

Wasn't it Spiderman's uncle Ben Parker who gave us a famous quote about having great responsibility if you had great power? Someone ought to get Obama and Cameron the DVD. One thing is for sure, if the world was (improbably) going to be more peaceful, prosperous and just; America and Britain wouldn't have had much to do with it given their track record.


Re-writing history



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