Stunted By Reality Just another know-it-all talking about life, business, technology, sports and music.


My name is Joe, and I'm yet another know-it-all talking about life, business, technology, the music business, social justice, politics and some BS. If you know me already it may be as the founder of GigPay.

I started this blog as my own little media re-dress. We now live in a world where facts, perspective and impartiality are not priorities any more. The reality of a situation is often lost because media publishers seem to have entrenched interests and views.

No doubt I have my own views which will become apparent to those who follow this blog, however I don't believe I'm the only person who tries not to have their environment cloud their perception of reality. Hence the title of the blog. Stunted By Reality. The aim is to bring a dose of reality to my chosen topics, the news and my own perceptions. I will of course cover a lot of topics, in fact too many. But hey, I have an opinion on everything so there you go. In the end just like most personal blogs I hope it will be a good record of my thoughts and whether you agree or disagree feel free to comment and engage.

In a nutshell? Short posts on various topics, tinged with humour and real perspective. Don't believe me? Well at least one person does!

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