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Women leaders

So new research shows that women prefer to compete in teams and tend to compete better when they do. The researchers claim that this is evidence that as human beings we should alter our criteria for selecting leaders in order to give women a better chance. I find that very funny to be honest. Am I the only one taking from this that this research effectively reinforces why less women should be leaders?

The point of being a leader is that the buck should stop with them and they must shoulder responsibility for achieving the goals of their subjects. I believe that a leader should never have anyone to pass the buck to or else when the shit hits the fan they will simply pass the buck.

If women only want to lead as part of a team then they shouldn't be anywhere near the top. Let the ball-breaking women who aren't afraid to say "fuck you right back" to Gordon Ramsay lead; and let those who want to hide behind others stay at home where they'll probably do better calling their husband every evening to ask him what he wants for dinner.

Plenty of companies were founded by two or more people, but I can't recall any that had more than one person in the top job.

"Okay, all those in favour of delegating decision-making please shrug your shoulders."

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