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Chiddy Bang mixtape; Peanut Butter and Swelly free download

Swelly no doubt! Chiddy Bang are working hard. Good thing they're putting out good music instead of polluting the airwaves with meaningless tat.

It's a similar kind of sound to their previous stuff, however the beats (by Xaphoon) have moved on a bit. Showing a little more pop-synth-electro influence and some video game sounds; all used to good effect . Chiddy's lyrics are still tight and tinged with a bit more swearing than he's managed on all their material to date. I'm not sure why, but maybe he's just been inducted into the Ghostface Killah school of Wordsmiths. It doesn't detract from the songs, however this is one record my 5 year old son probably won't be listening to. He loves it when I play their old stuff.

Guiness flow is my early favorite, a sort of club banger that sounds like it was produced by The Neptunes at the height of their powers. The Whistle song is another good song and it's produced in the old-school way. Overall this is a really good mixtape, perfect for the car, the barbecue and just in time for the summer. Enjoy!

Click on the link to download the album;

Click on the link to listen or download sample tracks:

02 The Whistle Song

06 Guinness Flow


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