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When slackness was respectable and even sexy

I heard one of my favourite soca songs being played on BBC Radio 4 this morning it suddenly dawned on me how much slackness was in the song. It was the calypso singer Lord Kitchener's Sugar Bum Bum from 1978 being played on Desert Island Discs. I know that any street cred I have is fast disappearing but in my defence, my alarm clock had stayed on way past the end of The Today programme which I like to wake up to instead of endless loops of screeching pop music and 'news' about the plastic singers who churn it out.

Here's a sample of some the song's lyrics;

Sugar bum, sugar bum-bum (repeat 3x)

Audrey, everytime you wiggle
Darling, you put me in trouble
You torture me, the way you wine
I love to see your fat behind

With Reggae Dancehall having descended into something like audio porn it's easy to forget that, those compaining about Dancehall, pretty much expressed similar feelings in their music. Albeit they had much subtler ways of saying the things they wanted to say. Subtle enough to make onto Radio 4 at 9AM in the morning; or did the above verse make it past the editor because of the Carribean accent?

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