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Little Comets – Joanna [Remix by Kuda]

Late last month I stumbled onto a band called Little Comets on Hype Machine. They are an indie four piece  band from around Newcastle, in England.

The song I fell for is one called Joanna, which I thought was a certainty to be released as a single because of it's catchy vocals, radio friendly guitar riffs and a slightly groovy progression.

I found that the band had released an acapella of the song and quickly forwarded it to my little brother Kuda who's a producer making his name in the industry. Fast forward a few weeks and he's come up with a mix that is a reinterpretation of the original love theme.

Playing on the line 'Joanna take me home' in the original, Kuda has re-imagined the Joanna character as a spaceship's AI computer and given the song an electro feel to complete his futuristic take on the excellent vocals. If you're wondering where the spaceship theme came from it turns out Kuda had been overdosing on Star Trek as a relief from his uni assignments at the time! Nonetheless I like the result and I hope you do too.

Little Comets - Joanna [Remix by Kuda] by KudaMusic

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