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Me and my nokia n900

The Nokia N900 showing system information in x...

N900. A handheld computer.

I got a Nokia N900 two months ago to replace my old Nokia N770 internet tablet. Just like the old tablet, this one has been one of the best buys I’ve EVER made.

I’m a media junkie. I like to consume as much of it as I can on any medium, and for me that used to consist of watching a lot of TV (no it’s not bad for you), listening to radio, reading newspapers and books. A LOT. Like most information junkies its a masochistic thing isn’t it? Its the thrill of possibly stumbling onto some stuff I absolutely disagree with and just going mental about it. I’m that guy you see shouting at the radio when you’re stuck in a traffic jam!

Nokia 770

N770. Finger not required.

Anyway, the N770 when it came out, was my way of extending my media consumption. It came out in 2005 and I got it towards the end of that year. On that device Nokia realised early on what other tech companies are starting to get now. Modern portable devices have to combine the function of two to make them worth carrying. As well as being an internet tablet that did internet and email very well for it’s day, the N770 also did satellite navigation.

I’ve had a great five year run during which I used it quite a lot at first; Mostly by reading books and feeds whilst listening to music. It has great battery life and was able to multi-task way back then in 2005. Who would have thought it eh Apple? After two years I was not a using it as much; but then lately I have once again been using it a great deal since last year. During the current online music craze I found a app for the N770 and that was what got me back into it.

In March this year my mobile phone contract expired on the Nokia E71 I carry. For me it doesn’t make sense not to have a mobile contract if you’re going to be spending anything upwards of £15 per month on phone calls. You might as well get a free phone on a £15 or whatever contract. So it was logical I get the N900 just so I could keep it at home as an always on internet device.

Nokia have put phone capabilities on the N900 but to be honest that’s not what it does best. I’m really please with it because it does internet the best of any similar sized device I’ve used. It has proper Flash in the browser and doesn’t squirm when someone posts a video of a 2 year old kid in Indonesia puffing away on a cigarrette to my Facebook wall.

The slide-out keyboard is very good despite only having three rows. It’s like someone building an eight bedroom house and thinking that it would be good to save space by having three instead of four bathrooms! That doesn’t make sense because the N900 is already on the big-ish side. Nevertheless is still pocketable though I wouldn’t carry it if I wore skinny jeans.

Apps are there though not as much as for that other phone or on Android. In fact apps on the N900 are mostly functional stuff and some games. I’m not really a games person but I get the feeling there are'nt too many native ones for N900. To compensate it does run a good number of emulators.

The one thing missing so far is the free navigation that Nokia has given to all the newer phones. I hear that this will be corrected sometime and I look forward to that day. When that happens I will probably no longer carry my Sony digital camera because the N900 shoots decent daytime pictures. Night time pictures are better than you’ll see on most phones because of the dual LEDs and Carl Zeiss lense; though they are nowhere near as good as a decent digital camera.

Overall there’s enough on the N900 to make it the best gadget I’ve ever bought simply because it’s so usable. It’s not as big as an iPad which I think it’s actually more in competition with than the iPhone. The weight and portability are just incomparable making it useful even when lying in bed. I know there are better things to do in bed, but hey…

Of course I’m yet to play with an iPad, but the thought of a beautiful, 1.5lb ‘portable’ device that doesn’t do anything unique is not appealing to me. Convergence is what it’s all about nowadays and the N900 does that very well.

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