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Pink Floyd’s 43 minute song

Most people who have listened to Pink Floyd’s album The Dark Side of The Moon would realise it was a concept album. There is a flow and recognisable pattern to the whole album. Trouble is not many people have listened to the whole album over time, never mind listening to it as one!

And so the band sued EMI, their record company, to stop them selling singles off of the album as per an agreement dating back to the album’s release.  EMI have long exploited a loophole by selling the album’s tracks as singles in digital format. Back in 1973 when the album was released not even ‘Tomorrow’s World’ or Star Trek had seen the internet coming so digital rights didn’t exist back then.

However, it still makes me wonder that if they were so strung up about the album being listened to as one, why didn’t they just release it as one long 43 minute song? I’m a fan of some of Pink Floyd’s “singles”, but if you’re going to be offering me free tickets to their shows, I won’t be accepting them. Who knows, maybe next thing you hear they’ll be locking fans in until the end of the gig to protect the ‘artistic integrity!’ No drinks refill, no toilet break. Just one long 43 minute song.

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